• Edgeworker

    It is a difficult job, being an Edgeworker.

    Someone has to do it.

    There are now over 300 million Edgeworkers on the planet,

    working their butts off creating next cultures...

    Archearchal cultures.

    The one thing we all have in common is

    that we think we are alone.

    Hello Edgeworker!

    You are not alone!

    Here you can connect in.

  • What If You Do Not Find Meaning For Life

    In What Modern Culture Offers?

  • Find The Edges


    I think you have reached the edge of your birth culture.

    How else would you be excited to read about the edge of the culture if you had not been at that edge yet?

    I think you have somehow, one way or another, found a way to hack modern culture in order to reach its edge.

    I think you had too much pain about the lack of responsibility and awareness of the people supposedly in charge. This puts you in charge.

    I think you had too much pain about what the patriarchal capitalist context of modern culture has created around you.

    I think that pain was your driving force to find your way here.

    You have found the edge, this is the edge of modern culture.

    The false sanity common to any institution dedicated to defending the status quo comes from defending positionality with systems of belief.

    In such an environment, personal beliefs are thought to have value.

    When someone tells you what they believe, you are supposed to act as if they meant something important or carried some weight.

    The fascinating quality of beliefs is that the human mind can believe anything about anything. (Read a book on comparative religions or cultural anthropology if you have any doubts about this.)


    If you dare to inspect the faculty of belief closely enough you will discover that beliefs have no relationship to reality.

    There can be no objective conversation evaluating beliefs.

    The only rational response when someone expresses a belief is, “Oh…,” pronounced in a slow, southern-drawl monotone.


    Standard Human Intelligence Thoughtware would have you surround yourself with ‘like-minded’ neighbors and friends, and attend religious or social gatherings with people of shared beliefs, putting on airs that you are satisfied with your life.

    This dynamic is so epidemic as to be invisible and unnoteworthy in normal company.


    Should you suddenly notice that playing dead sabotages your creative potential you may feel moved to discuss your discovery in public. But if you do so you start to be regarded as eccentric, perhaps even labeled as slightly paranoid.


    You discover: The Anomaly.


    Being shocked at other people's disbelief in the astonishing results of your empirical experiments, either you:

    1. Immediately inject yourself with a huge dose of your favorite soporific (e.g. Chocolate-Chocolate Chip ice cream, screaming fights with your mate, five action videos in a row, a mail-order shopping spree, you know what I mean…) and try to forget about it all...
    2. OR... over time, you discover that a nagging, niggling sensation is building somewhere around your solar plexus. The feeling is panic. Or rage. Or both mixed together, better known as hysteria.


    If you clarify the cause of your sensation, then either:

    1. You would have to admit that you are terrified that if you do not continue investigating the ‘anomaly’ then you are not being true to yourself...
    2. AND... you feel outraged that nobody ever told you about this before!
    3. BUT... if you do continue investigating the anomaly you are certain you will be shocked and horrified ‘beyond belief’ at what you will learn about reality. Then you will no longer have beliefs at all.

    In this dilemma you are solely responsible for making the choice.


    Like in ‘The Wizard of Oz’, the little black doggie has exposed the feeble old man pulling levers behind the curtain, BUT when you realize that even though everyone around you seems to find comfort and certitude in a specific set of beliefs, you do not.


    It is worth noting that the depth of your 'Black Sheep' intelligence is ordinary to those building bridges to next culture, a procedure that flows contrary to the current of conventional cultures, in all aspects of life.


    But as you take responsibility for being a Black Sheep, you may simultaneously experience a fear-based instinctual resistance to identifying yourself as a non-believer. Terrifying words begin floating through your subconscious mind, every now and then gurgling up to the surface. Heretic! Blasphemer! Heathen! Infidel! Outcast! Renegade! Black Sheep!


    Applying these horrific words is not uncalled for because in a social organization dedicated to stasis, being identified as a Black Sheep has often resulted in rejection, expulsion, abandonment, excommunication - in other words, death.


    Upon recognizing your precarious circumstances your nervous system immediately prepares itself to hide from view or dodge flying tomatoes and stones. Your awareness of danger is so deep it feels cellular. The threatening image of an angry lynch mob looms into your mind's eye. If you stay true to yourself rather than subscribing to a false reality based on beliefs, then there is a sizeable chance that you will literally or figuratively be killed! Now, ain't that a kicker?


    Faced with so great a quandary, you may well live a secret life for many years before a certain courage and stamina matures within you strong enough to withstand the stresses certain to be involved in seeking direct knowledge of your true calling.


    When you are ready to begin, an intelligent approach to the problem might be to find someone who is already an expert in the arts and sciences of transformational edgework journeys, a Wizard or Alchemist perhaps, maybe some kind of Magus, and then to apprentice yourself to their program. How do you do that?

  • Gameworlds Have Edges

    From your Possibility Management Trainer Katharina Kaifler.

  • Apprentice Yourself To Life At The Edge

    From the linear perspective it seems obvious that the most effective step in becoming an apprentice to edgeworking is to find an Edgeworker to whom you can apprentice yourself. But this is not true, and this is where many edgeworkers get stuck: step one.


    Looking for an excellent Edgeworker is a completely different task than apprenticing to edgeworking.


    Looking for an Edgeworker before you are an Edgeworker's apprentice is like looking for a Ferrari 9000 to drive at Le Mans before you have your driver's license, or wanting to be elected President before you have acquired the abilities, the presence and the popular backing of a world-class politician. Looking for an Edgeworker before you have apprenticed yourself to edgeworking is self-referenced, naïve, erroneous, and can waste a lot of irreplaceable time and energy, unless, of course, your true purpose is not really to apprentice to edgeworking but instead to put on the show of being cool...


    The first step in becoming an apprentice to edgework is to commit to being an apprentice to edgework.


    This is a huge secret.


    Committing first, before you know how, is this simple, and this difficult.


    Committing to be an apprentice to edgework is not something that you decide about in your mind. It is a change of state in your Point Of Origin, a shift of identity, a modification of your self-experience.


    Becoming a commitment of this magnitude is a Doorway must first find, Choose, Declare and walk through, even if you do not know what it means or how you are going to manage to do it - because the truth is that you cannot know these things beforehand. A commitment of this impact results in an all-inclusive new way of Being.


    Becoming an apprentice to edgework before being accepted into the company of an Edgeworker Program is a nonlinear approach comparable to providing value into a 'Money Loop' before you have a signed contract with a client.

  • Money Loops - Theory And Practice

    It is a radically obvious viewpoint and yet, contrary to common thinking, to come from the understanding that you do not actually have to ‘make money’.


    You do not have to make money because there is already more than enough money in the world.


    Everywhere you look there are billions and billions of Euros represented by the organizations and associations that create, sustain, and dispose of the objects and services of human life on Earth. This financial wealth flows abundantly and almost without resistance from one bank account to another bank account and eventually back to the first bank account in 'Money Loops'.


    It is important to understand that money does not get used up when it is spent. It only changes from one bank account to another.


    Probably you relate to money as a victim, waiting around for some money to come discover you and, of its own volition, start flowing money through your personal bank account for no particular reason.


    But this is not how money works. Money needs a reason to flow through your bank account.


    The most irresistible reason that money will flow through your bank account is 'value'.


    Value is irresistible to money no matter how tight a Money Loop is constructed because, if value is received in a Money Loop, the cost of the value will be less than the worth of the value. Spend the time it takes for your to understand this. Money cannot actually compensate for value. Value is worth more than money.


    The Linear Approach to providing value into a Money Loop is to hope that a Money Loop discovers the value you can provide, and then invites you to deliver your value so that then you can receive money in compensation.


    The Nonlinear Approach to providing value into a money-loop is to discover and refine our ability to deliver our value ourselves, go find one or more money-loops in which the value we provide makes a difference and is valued, and then without asking permission, without marketing ourselves or negotiating a deal, start providing the value into the loop. We call this invention.


    The energetic law says that if value is received then it will be paid for. So as soon as our value is received by the loop we will start getting paid. Voila! We have just been included in the money-loop. It does not cost the money anything to flow through our bank account too.


    The universe works like this. Therefore, the same non-linear approach works for becoming an Alchemist's apprentice. Alchemical work is flowing all around us in life all of the time. The strategy of waiting around for an alchemy loop to come find us guarantees that we remain energetically classified as a seeker. A seeker acts needy, wounded, or incomplete and is always looking around for something to fill the need, heal the wound, or produce completion. The disposition of a seeker repels alchemical energy and attracts predators. Being a seeker is very different from being an Alchemist's apprentice. It is the same difference between someone watching a football game from the grandstands compared to playing as a team member on the field.


    By committing to the disposition of being an Alchemist's apprentice now, first, before there is evidence to support that story, we will of necessity discover myriads of specific and real ways that we can begin practicing as an apprentice in our daily lives, thus providing real value into the alchemical energy loops around us even if we do not see them. If we are providing real value into the loop, then sooner or later we will be compensated in kind.


    As obvious and straightforward as this methodology may seem, making the shift from being ourselves to being an Alchemist's apprentice is not necessarily easy because nothing in our environment is designed to support the change. Our declaration is orthogonal to (perpendicular to) every other element of our present lives. It does not, however, have to remain this way.


    Right now we can start practicing as an Alchemist's apprentice. The first practice is to attain to the apprentice disposition regardless of the evidence that may indicate otherwise, regardless of our physical, mental, or emotional circumstances. We begin to function as if the disposition of apprenticeship comes first. Read biographies of spiritual teachers. Learn the difference between whole foods and processed foods. Pay back all debts. Inventory all possessions and dispose of anything unnecessary. Travel into foreign and third world cultures to expand your flexibility and learn how to be a good guest. Do emotional work to improve your ability to be in relationship and communicate with other people. Volunteer regularly at service organizations. Perform random acts of generosity and kindness without recognition or reward. Take harmless risks that cause you to lose face. Attend the public lectures of speakers on the spiritual scene and ask them real questions. Make friends with the local neighborhood children and contribute to their well-being. Get into a men's or women's group and ask for feedback and coaching. Take Aikido classes for a year with a reputable teacher. Consistently practice learning new skills like bicycle repairing, gardening, patchwork quilting or masonry. Learn to prepare and host a special meal for fifteen guests. Write articles for publication in newsletters and magazines. Learn to tell some good jokes. Commit to making a real difference in the life of your boss and colleagues at work. And so on. In other words, engage life with transformational intentions. These activities provide positive stress and contribute to the building of matrix.


    No one can predict how long it will be before the Alchemist we have apprenticed to will actually appear in our life. What can be counted upon is the principle that says: when the apprentice is ready, the Alchemist appears. How do we know if we are ready or not? The answer is simple and irrefutable. If the Alchemist has not appeared, we are not ready. It is counter intuitive but true that an authentic commitment to the disposition of apprenticeship on the path of alchemy is a powerful force which actually creates the necessity for an Alchemist to show up. This remains true even after we have found our Teacher. It is the solidity of the commitment and the quality of the apprenticeship that calls forth the teaching level of the Alchemist. And it is commitment that comes first.


    Think of a sailboat. On first examination we may think that a boat sails through the water because it is pushed by the moving air, but this is not true. A sailboat is not pushed. It is pulled. The sail is up and the wind is blowing past the sail forming a vacuum on the far side of the sail. Rather than being pushed across the sea; the boat is sucked forward, by necessity. Through placing ourselves in positions of necessity our transformation occurs by reflex, because it is necessary to that which we are serving. Learning to create necessity for an individual or a group is a basic skill for an apprentice alchemist.


    We should be aware that by making the commitment of apprenticeship to an Alchemist, we immediately become attractive, and there are all kinds of people out there who regard themselves as teachers of alchemy and servants of transformation. No Alchemist Certification Program exists, or could be trusted if it did. It is left to the apprentice to discern for themselves the level at which an alchemist is practicing and to detect the authenticity of the energetic Principles he or she is serving. There are many, many false alchemists in the world.


    One dependable way to investigate the verity of an alleged Alchemist is to study the qualities, skills, and relationships of their current apprentices. A false Alchemist will tend to surround themselves with followers who give their center away to the Alchemist and exhibit adaptive behaviors. Having collected other people's centers makes a false or Gremlin Alchemist feel more powerful and important. A true Alchemist will surround themselves with powerful inspired individuals fully capable of becoming true Alchemist's themselves.

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